Explore our tools.

It’s simple to shop for glasses at home.

There’s a better way to shop for glasses online. We’ve created a suite of tools that will help you find the right frame for you. And save you time and money in the process.
Find my fit

Find your perfect fit.

Use measurements from an existing pair of glasses or take a quick measurement of your face to find Liingo frames that match to your size.

Virtual Try-on

Try frames on, virtually.

Use our Virtual Try-On tool to record a selfie and try on different frames virtually. Our tool is hyperrealistic to give you a solid sense of what certain styles look like in person.

Prescription Reader

Get your prescription details.

Our free app reads the prescription details right off your existing glasses. So if you don’t know your details, but want to order new glasses, you can! No exam required.

PD Measurement

Measure your pupillary distance.

Your pupillary distance or “PD” is the distance between your pupils (the black center of each of your eyes). We need that number to make your lenses.

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