All about
blue light.

Screen time can lead to some pretty uncomfy side effects, like headaches and eye fatigue. We can help with that! Our blue light protection is built right into the lens for durable protection, crystal clear vision (no tints!), and has even been endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation for superior UV filtering.

Our blue light goes
above and beyond.

We looked for the best blue light lenses possible. (Because why wouldn’t we want the best!?) We found them and here’s why we love ‘em.

They’re suuuuuper durable.

Most other blue light lenses use a lens coating to protect your lens. But that coating can wear off over time. Ours is built right into the lens, between two layers of durable polycarbonate — so it can’t scratch off! We also include a premium anti-glare and scratch resistance coating for lenses that last.

The lenses are completely clear.

Some blue light lenses have a green, blue, yellow, or purple tint. Ours are uncompromisingly clear, which makes ‘em look beautiful in every frame shape and color.

They come with a
major endorsement.

We carry the only blue light lens endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for both your eyes. Bonus?! It also protects that sensitive skin that surrounds your eyes, keeping your skin healthy and strong.

blue light filtering lenses

So, what is blue light anyway?

It’s a light on the UV spectrum produced by the sun and by digital screens. Lenses that filter blue light reduce the amount of blue light that enters your eye, which may help alleviate eye fatigue, especially for night-time tech users.

Try ‘em out, risk free!

All of our glasses are backed by a 60-Day Delight Guarantee. You can return for a full refund, or exchange for something new, for $0 for 60 days after purchasing.

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